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Taj Fregene.

Writer. Doctor. Dreamer.

About Me

Writer. Doctor. Dreamer.

Storytelling in one form or other has always been a part of me.

I've just finished The Fabenelli Test, my second novel.


About Me

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My Stories

Wheat Field


As a pandemic spreads across the globe Emma Williams, an idealistic British junior doctor, tries to save as many lives as she can in the Ivory Coast. When the plague arrives to her homeland, she has to learn to be a leader before the people she loves die.

Progress: Completed in 2019, but because of the real-life coronavirus pandemic, this novel is on hold until we know what a post-covid world looks like.

Boy in the Field


Progress: In the very early stages of drafting ideas


Would you want to know how long you have left to live?

Visionary biotech engineer Sasha McClaren has redeemed her past failings by perfecting the Fabenelli Test which predicts an individual’s exact lifespan.


Victor, her old friend from university is haunted by the suicide of Katya, his ex-lover and Sasha’s former business partner. Sasha is about to share her creation with the world but, to Victor, the test is a desecration of Katya’s memory, and he vows to destroy everything that Sasha has built in order to honour the promise he made to his lost love.


Sasha’s employee JJ faces terrible choices when he receives Fabenelli results for himself and his family.

Progress: On submission with agents

"A man learns to cut down a tree by cutting down a tree." 

Délé - All of our Tomorrows

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