Taj Fregene.

Writer. Doctor. Dreamer.

About Me

Writer. Doctor. Dreamer.

Storytelling in one form or other has always been a part of me.

I’m a northerner currently living in London and am the author of several short stories.

I'm now editing my first novel, All Of Our Tomorrows, which is about nothing less than the end of the world (as we know it).



My Stories


My first novel.

As a modern-day plague spreads across the globe, an idealistic British junior doctor in tries to save as many lives as she can in the Ivory Coast. When the plague arrives to her homeland, she has to learn to be a leader before the people she loves die.

Progress: Manuscript complete, currently out with early readers.



Taking inspiration from Hemingway’s classic “For sale: baby shoes, never worn,” the challenge was to write a story

using only six words.


His Love was published on Morgen Bailey’s literary blog.


"A man learns to cut down a tree by cutting down a tree." 

Délé - All of our Tomorrows

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