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The Lady Doctor

Taj Fregene holds a copy of The Lady Doctor by Ian Williams

All the books I read in 2019

11. The Lady Doctor by Ian Williams

Did I finish it or abandon it? I FINISHED IT

Would I recommend it? YES

Reading this was a real treat. This year, I've had my eyes opened (a little) to the joy that graphic novels can bring.

The Lady Doctor is the story of Lois, an over-worked GP in her late thirties who works in rural Wales. We get a great insight of how her professional and personal relationships intersect. When we meet her, she's in a bit of a rut both personally and professionally. She's making some rather... questionable life choices but when her estranged mother unexpectedly turns up with a life-changing request, Lois has to figure out what is truly important to her or else lose all that she has been working toward.

I heard about this book because I went to a talk by its publisher, Myriad Editions and I'm really glad I picked it up because it's a great read.

I wrote a short story called "The Last Caress" that I think would work really well as a graphic story, it's just a real shame that I'm rubbish at drawing! I'd love to collaborate with an illustrator on it and this is something I'm going to explore when I finish writing my novel All of our Tomorrows.

The Lady Doctor by Ian Williams


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